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Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc

Find plenty of scope and variety with a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise, a full member of the British Franchise Association.

The Mail Boxes Etc. Franchise is unique in UK franchising. With over 120 one-stop stores, it is the only High Street chain that offers consumers and local companies a truly comprehensive range of business, postal and print & copy services.

These include everything from its number one service – the safe and secure packaging and despatch of parcels all over the world – to mailbox rental, printing and photocopying, corporate literature design, as well as office supplies and stationery, all conveniently available at each location.

30 Years Experience!
The franchise is part of a global organisation that began in the USA in 1980. Today we have Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) centres operating right across the world in over 30 countries serving their local communities. The customer base is made up of individual consumers and businesses.

MBE Etc.franchiseeWhat MBE does
Mail Boxes Etc. provides all types of business service. Increasingly, it is regarded as the premier and most  convenient local B2B provider, because stores are located in town centres and they offer extended opening hours.
MBE’s current range of services includes:

  • Courier and Shipping Solutions
  • Copy and Print Services
  • Mailboxes
  • Office Supplies
  • Business Services

Serving the community
MBE’s leading service, the safe and secure packaging and despatch of parcels all over the world, has grown significantly across the network. MBE can pack and ship anything, anywhere – from valuable antiques to holiday luggage.

No previous experience required
MBE Etc franchiseeFranchisees do not need previous experience of the sector because MBE’s comprehensive four week training programme covers everything they need to know and equips them to be successful business people. It covers all aspects of running a small business, from sales and marketing to book-keeping and man-management.

Established franchisees are from all walks of life and a wide range of backgrounds. MBE says that the right attitude and attributes are more important than previous career.

Training, support and investment
The training and support package includes site selection and design, shop fittings, equipment and initial local marketing. Typically, the investment starts from around £60,000 of which up to about 70 per cent can be financed by one of the leading banks (subject to status), all of whom have excellent working relationships with MBE.

What MBE franchisees say:
“We got advice from our close relations and recognised all that Mail Boxes Etc. has to offer as a successful international business with a strong brand and huge potential for the future.”

Faraz Ahmad and Osman Ahmed, MBE Franchisees of the year and owners of five London stores.

“Mail Boxes Etc.’s comprehensive training and support has given me great confidence. There is so much variety in the franchise that one day can never be like any other. We offer a wide range of services and the store is in a vibrant location.”
Vladimira Ondruskova, Fulham.

“We particularly liked the variety of services MBE offers and we struck a rapport with the people too. We knew that MBE is a robust franchise, offering a range of services that businesses and individuals really want, so there will always be a demand.”
Murli Mulchandani & Rikesh Nichani, former MBE franchisees of the year and owners of four central London stores.

“I am refining my new skills, getting tremendous support from head office with marketing and networking and from other local franchisees, who are only too willing to help me when I hit a log, I offer all the usual Mail Boxes Etc. services, from printing and mail boxes rental to courier services and am developing quite a niche with local auction houses.”
Laura Mills, Chichester.

“Mail Boxes Etc. met all our criteria, not least because it would provide an opportunity for us to work together, which I can recommend. It has been extremely successful and our personal experience has been great.”
Russell & Christine Sykes, Portsmouth.

“Being a Mail Boxes Etc franchisee automatically aligns my business with high profile service partners, whose names are recognised and respected all over the world. The strength of being a franchisee is belonging to a  network and all the benefits that offers, where you are your own boss but not entirely on your own”.
Steve Kennedy, Wilmslow.

“Being a franchisee is a great opportunity but with the benefit of on-going support from the franchisor. It was one of the best decisions of my life.”
Graham Angus, Stirling.

Franchise name Mail Boxes Etc.
Business description Business, postall, print and copy services
Total investment cost Personal investment from £20,000 plus bank funding
Press release 1 Read case study
Website www.mbe.co.uk
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