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About Puragen
Puragen provides expert advice, design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems for households, community groups, and business customers.

We offer the most attractive Franchise opportunity in the renewables sector and are now looking for people, whose ambition matches ours, to become Puragen Franchise Owners and share in our success.

Generating a brighter future
The renewable energy industry has significantly outperformed the rest of the UK economy over the last 3 years in terms of growth and is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. This dynamic sector is projected to grow from £1 billion to £6.5 billion by 2015 and over £10 billion by 2020, backed by a government commitment to generate 20% of power by renewable sources by 2020. The UK currently only generates 6% of its power from renewable energy.

Why renewable energy?
In addition to the political commitment to achieve EU carbon reduction targets, the main drivers behind the huge growth in demand for renewable energy include the depletion of fossil fuels globally and the desire for cleaner forms of energy.

Easy to reach oil is predicted to run out in 45 years time and gas reserves expected to last just another 65 years. Global demand for oil and gas from countries like China and India will exceed supply. In a matter of decades, we will live in a world when the reserves have run dry.

Governments around the world, including the UK, have only two options – reduce the amount of energy that householders and industry use through energy efficiency measures or find alternative forms of energy supply.

Rising domestic energy prices are a clear symptom of this global problem. With prices set to continue rising in the decades ahead, householders and businesses are increasingly looking at alternative forms of energy generation.

What is renewable energy?
The production of zero or low carbon heat and power is usually referred to in two ways – microgeneration and renewable energy.

Both terms refer to creating your own energy to help power a building by means of a renewable energy technology such as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat pumps, biomass and wind turbines, using natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat – all of which can be naturally replenished.

What types of renewable energy does Puragen offer?
Puragen provides an excellent
opportunity to benefit from the growing demand for renewable energy based systems. This is not just a Solar PV franchise – we offer advice and installation of all renewable energy technologies, including:

Power Generating Technologies
•    Solar Electricity (Photovoltaics)
•    Wind Power
•    Water Power

Heat Generating Technologies
•    Solar Thermal Hot Water
•    Heat Pumps
•    Biomass Boilers

An opportunity not to be missed
Puragen will spearhead the installation of microgeneration technologies and allow Franchise Owners to become the first choice installer of these systems within their designated – and exclusive – territories.

There will be significant investment in marketing and PR and we will use our knowledge and expertise to give you the backing and strength of a respected national brand.

We’ll also provide you with comprehensive training on every aspect of your business, technical equipment and tools, a website, email addresses, centralised telephone numbers together with accounting, lead-management and workflow systems. In fact, everything a modern business requires.

You’ll also need to promote the business and we’ll provide a range of marketing materials, business stationery, presentation and point-of-sale materials, product catalogues and promotional banners.

To cap it all, you’ll also get corporate clothing for all of your sales and technical staff. We’ll be with you all the way.

There are no technical skills required, just the desire to reap the long-term commercial benefits of this serious professional business opportunity. Franchise owners may come from a wide range of commercial and industrial backgrounds.

Backing and support
As part of the Ascertiva Group – which has successfully operated the NICEIC for over 50 years – Puragen Franchise Owners can directly benefit from industry leading expertise and will be uniquely placed to take advantage of the renewable energy technology market.

Our vision it ‘To become the best known brand of renewable energy installers in the UK’ and there will be a significant financial investment in a variety of local and national promotional activities to achieve this objective.

Franchise Investors
Following last year’s successful launch in the North West, we offer large and exclusive territories across the UK to franchise investors with drive and ambition.

Ascertiva Group is looking for businesses wishing to expand into the renewables market, to become part of a fast growing and successful renewable installer Franchise Network.

You want profit. We know how
Visit the Puragen stand at The Franchise Show, London, ExCel on 24-25 February 2012.

Franchise name Puragen
Business description Advice, design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems
Website www.puragenfranchise.co.uk
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